Packaging MachinesPackaging machines

PR 1200 H


Operating requirments:
– Operating voltage: 380/220V, 50Hz
– Control voltage: 24V DC
– Consumed power: 36kW
– Required average power: 22-25kW
In the case of favourable packaging
characteristics one third of the power
for heating can be switched off.
– Required compressed air: 20m3/hour
– Pressure of compressed air: 0,6MPa

Foil data:
– PE shrink foil
– Foil width: max. 1150mm
– Foil thickness: 0,04-0,1mm

Dimensions of the product to be packed:
– max. width 1000mm
– max. length 1400mm
– max. heigth 250mm
– min. length 400mm

Packaging rate: 2-4 packages/min, depending on the serve and bag size.