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PR 700 Twins

The side-conveyor gathers the PET bottles to be wrapped on the ready sorter table, in front of the loading unit. The speed of the side belt can be fluently adjusted through the frequency control located in the electric box. After the two-row double-pack matrices have been formed between the spreaders, the left-hand package is pressed to the carriage. In the same time further products from the side-conveyor are also being dammed by the dam-board. The left-hand matrix to be packed will be fastened to the carriage, and taken in front of the left-hand loading unit and positioned. The carriage is actuated pneumatically. The loading units move the matrices developed this way through the welded foil curtain behind the welding frame. The stable loading is assured by means of an anti-spinning and a driving mechanism located on the side of the machine. The foil for the foil curtain is supplied by the foil rolls located in the upper and lower foil magazines. After the matrix has been pushed in and wrapped around, the foil will be welded and cut while simultaneously a new foil curtain is formed. For the time of the welding the bottles are hold down by a pneumatic mechanism to prevent them from overturning. The packages pass via a conveyor into the shrinking tunnel where the shrinking process is performed. Because of the brief and intensive surface heat treatment the equipment is also suited to heat sensitive products (such as chocolate, butter, deep-frozen products, etc.). The temperature of the shrinking tunnel and the speed of the conveyor can be fluently set to match packaging rate and foil thickness. From the shrinking tunnel the unit-package passes to the cooling tunnel, where the foil contracts to tightly enclose the package.


Dimensions of the product to be packed :
– max. width : 200 mm
– max. length : 350 mm
– max. heigth : 300 mm

Foil data :
– PE shrink foil
– Foil width : max. 500 mm
– Roll diameter : max. 300 mm
– Foil thickness : 0,025 – 0,1 mm

Packaging rate: : max . 20 packages/min.
(Depending on the layout)

Electric supply :
– Operating voltage : 3×380/220 V , 50 Hz
– Consumed power : max. 45 kW

Compressed air supply:
– Pressure : 0,6 MPa
– Consumption: approx. 40 m3/hour

Equipment mass : 1950 kg