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PR 30 G

This machine is suitable for the packaging non-powdered granulous materials into foil [e.g. granulated sugar, wheat-meal,wheat seed-buds, vegetable seeds,rice & frozen products].
Packaging is performed using plane foil, a volume feeder effects volume measurements. A changing thimble allas the filling volume to be infinatly adjusted within the limits given in the technical data. A digital following wheel controlls the foil pulling down ( in the case of carpet patterns & foils without graphics),or -to special order-a photocell controll may be employed to ensure the correct positioning of bag graphics.


Operating requirements:
– Operating voltage: 3x380V/220V, 50 Hz
– Control voltage: 24V, DC
– Required power: 4 kW
– Air requirement: 20 m3/hour
– Pressure of compressed air: 0,6 MPa

Foil data:
– Plane foil PE or PP , BOPP or three layer foil
– Foil width: max. 560 mm
– Foil thickness: 0,04- 0,09 mm
– Roll diameter: max. 400 mm

Packaging data:
– Volume to be filled: 200- 1800cm3 with changing the thimbles
– Packaging rate: max. 30 packages/min. depending
on the material to be packed and bag size.

Equipment mass: 900 kg.