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PR 500

Automatic engirdling shrink- foil applying machine makes unit packages without feed trays.

Arranged packages continuously arrive on the side belt,are sensed by the machine & passed,according to the preset group size, through the foil curtain behind the welding frame. The foil curtain is formed from foil rolls located in the two foil magazines.

Welding and cutting of the foil girdle occurs,simultaneously a new foil curtain is formed. Packages pass via on conveyor into the shrinking tunnel where the shrinking process is performed.

This equipment is particually suited to heat sensitive products,such as chocolate, butter, boxes of frozen products because of the brief, intensive surface heat utilized. Temperature can be accurately varied to match foil thickness & packaging out put. Packages pass from the shrinking tunnel to the cooling tunnel, where the foil conracts to tightly enclose the package.

The PR 500 can be fed from either the right or the left side. A front- feeding version can be manufactured, and the side band elements altered according to parameters required by the customer.




Operating requirments:
– Operating voltage: 380/220V, 50Hz
– Control voltage: 24V DC
– Consumed power: 18kW
– Required average power: 11kW
In the case of favourable packaging
characteristics one third of the power
for heating can be switched off.
– Required compressed air: 27m3/hour
– Pressure of compressed air: 0,6MPa

Foil data:
– PE shrink foil
– Foil width: max. 500mm
– Foil thickness: 0,025-0,1mm

Dimensions of the product to be packed:
– max. width 300mm
– max. length 400mm
– max. heigth 200mm

Packaging rate: max. 20 packages/min.